The Power of Enthusiasm

I got inspired by the informative article "Toxic People" by Dr Travis Bradberry . When I think about those people spreading stress and negativity around, it gives me the chills. My article is about the opposite: enthusiasm, eagerness and positive attitude. What is the driver for enthusiasm? Why some of us are more enthusiastic than others? The reason for being enthusiastic lies in your personality. The more extrovert you are and the more imagination, optimism, passion and ambitiousness you possess, the more likely you are eager to express yourself in social situations, collaborate in teams, share your thoughts in public or participate in complex projects. Being enthusiastic is an energetic state of mind. Are you genuinely interested in communicating with people, do you smile a lot and do you get inspired by many different things? What are the benefits of having enthusiastic people around...? They enjoy working in areas which require versatile skill

Digital marketing turmoil

There was a period when people coursed TV for all those hundreds of channels that came with it... I remember a song by Bruce Springsteen called "57 channels and Nothin' on", which describes the emptyness of family life while all free time is spent in front of the TV offering. In 2015, there is much of the same game going on with more challenging channels - the digital marketing channels. There is a huge buzz going on around social media channels... which channel is wise to use for the business purposes and should we identify a totally new purpose for marketing? One leader said it well from his own 20 year experience: the purpose of marketing has shifted from one-way advertising into multidirectional social interacting with selected stakeholders, customers, business partners and managing your own social media presense. The modern marketing methods are versatile and content marketing is highly praised. The most advanced form of content marketing could be called Allure

Elements of water and sun

The human thinking is amazing and you could never tell what is going on in a mind of another person. This, anyhow, is the key to any innovation or discovery we know of. Most innovations have actually initiated while someone has observed the elements of nature with an open mind: wind, sun, water, skyline, vegetation, soil, animals etc. You get an amazing feeling when you observe the water surface flickering in the sunlight, don't you? Its like your brains get a wave of inspiration from that. Nature is our biggest innovation source, but we know amazingly little about it. Lets think about a green leaf or a snow flake and what they represent. Snow flake is made of H2O, just another bunch of water molecules. In a minute it transforms into another form: water, steam or ice. Just adapting to the circumstances of the surrounding temperature. Where could we find the code of all this transformation and adaptation? That transformation code is still a big mystery. The earth is capab

No more pineapples

Chicken, wheat, cucumber, pepper. Typical agricultural products which end up in our kitchen - in various formats. But do we actually know where these products are coming from - and furthermore - do we care to know? I truly did not care ten years ago. Nowadays I insist to know where the food in the shop is coming from and how "original" it is. I am suddenly interested in what I eat and how it could influence my body functions, and furthermore how the nutrition could help in preventing illnesses or even avoiding cancer. Every body is different, meaning that nutrition intake will also react slightly differently inside our bodies. This must make the scientific research really difficult... Actually I am not convinced if we really need those laboratorium researchers to tell us all the time which type of nutrition is best for us. I would simply follow the logic: the most locally made, most antiparasitic-free vegatables and free-walking animal meat types are the "best buys&qu

Scared by Words

The echoes of some ancient stories, especially when they are read during your sensitive teenager eyars, remain very strong in your mind. This is one of those stories. I read a book a long while ago which shocked me very well. The book was about a more sophisticated alien race, which has left clear marks on earth of its existence, on purpose. The reason why I wish to publish this experience is that probably these type of books have "shaken" other readers too and it would be interesting to share that experience. The presentations of the books of Erich van Däniken are based on the assumption that our human race was enrichened by another, far more sophisticated alien race. This whole assumption makes you first feel like the people on earth might actually exist inside a laboratorium cage... Then comes the curiosity and suspicion. Can this kind of astronomic history be true at all - when shall we know for sure? People always seek for the absolute truth, a